• Fear of joy
  • Fear of play
  • Fear of humiliation
  • Fear that they will be punished for not adhering to the rules
  • Fear of shame
  • Fear of betrayal
  • Fear of being creative
  • Fear of being trapped
  • Fear of feeling lost
  • Fear of the future
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of the letting down others
  • Fear of failing
  • Fear of control
  • Fear of living
  • Fear of learning
    Fear of change
  • Fear of their inner wisdom
  • Fear of their heart
  • Fear of feelings
  • Fear of disappointment
  • Fear of letting go
  • Fear of being unaccepted
  • Fear of living an authentic life
  • Fear of not being good enough
  • Fear of their creativity
  • Fear of authority

Emotional States

  • Shut down child-like innocence. Out of balance feminine energy. No permission to play or experience joy. Creative is suppressed. Does not have alternatives for nurturance. Has been humiliated, shamed, or betrayed associated with creative/ nurturing from a trusted source.
  • Cannot see the forest for the trees. Feels lost. Future looks dark. Shut off from nurturing. Feels trapped.
  • Controlled by the responsibilities they have taken on. Does what their family wants them to do. Barely holding their world together. Feel like they carry a heavy load.
  • Relinquished control of their life. Control of their life was given up to have some peace. Given up on the game of life.
  • Not in touch with their feelings and emotions. Pretend to be something they’re not. They feel no joy. Feel dead inside.
  • Fear of the unknown as a consequence has thrown away the opportunity to grow mind, body and spirit. Taken the safe path. Fear of risk. Suppressed the need for joy. Fear of change. Uses aspects of life as an excuse to stop growth.
  • Suppresses the intuitive. Sacrificed spiritual growth to be accepted. Afraid of losing everything if they embrace spiritual growth. Let themselves be controlled by others. Afraid of their own power.

Cross Indexing:diabetes, Diabetes Mellitus Type 1

Repeating Patterns: Wounded Creative Core, all work and no play, tends to not want friendships with women, disconnected from nature, doesn’t go to parks or out in nature.

Created Patterns

  1. I give up.
  2. I have no control, I am controlled by others.
  3. All work and no play – I must get the work done before I can relax.
  4. I am shamed.
  5. I am humiliated.
  6. I hate my mother/grandmother.
  7. I hate my father/grandfather.
  8. You can’t trust women.
  9. I am lost.
  10. I am trapped.
  11. I don’t know how to get my needs met.
  12. I am afraid of change.
  13. Being spiritual is dangerous.
  14. I am disconnected from my heart.
  15. I must be responsible.
  16. I am disconnected from my heart.
  17. Feelings are dangerous.
  18. Being different is dangerous.
  19. Being vulnerable is dangerous.
  20. Better the devil I know than the devil I don’t know.
  21. Change is dangerous.
  22. Feelings are dangerous.
  23. I am ashamed of ____________.
  24. I am dangerous.
  25. I am disappointed in life.
  26. I am disconnected from the creator.
  27. I am numb.
  28. I am sad all the time.
  29. I can’t express my emotions and be safe.
  30. I can’t feel.
  31. I can’t forgive ____________.
  32. I can’t release ____________.
  33. I don’t belong.
  34. I don’t get to be angry.
  35. I don’t know how to safely express my anger.
  36. I don’t know what being nurtured feels like.
  37. I don’t know what joy is.
  38. I don’t trust myself.
  39. I have been holding onto /feeling strong emotion of ____________ for a long time (these are negative emotions: hatred/resentment/anger/rage/bitterness/grief/sorrow/revenge).
  40. I have never found a place where I am happy.
  41. I let others tell me what to do.
  42. I must be accepted to be loved.
  43. I must do what others tell me to have peace.
  44. I must do whatever it takes to be safe.
  45. I must give in to have peace.
  46. I must give up myself to have peace.
  47. I must hide who I truly am.
  48. I must hold things together.
  49. I must not be different.
  50. I must sacrifice happiness to stay safe.
  51. I must sacrifice myself to be safe.
  52. I must show people that I am good enough.
  53. I need to be accepted by _______________.
  54. I’m beaten down by life.
  55. I’m not nurtured.
  56. I’m not safe with change.
  57. If I am creative people will hurt me.
  58. If I ignore the diabetes it will go away.
  59. If it’s done my way everything will be OK.
  60. It isn’t safe to create.
  61. It isn’t safe to play.
  62. It’s too late to make changes.
  63. Listening to your intuition is dangerous.
  64. My life should have been different.
  65. No one appreciates me.
  66. Psychic skills are dangerous.
  67. The doctors don’t know what their talking about.
  68. The unknown is dangerous.
  69. There is no joy/happiness in my life.
  70. What truth about diabetes are you denying?
  71. Why do you criticize others?
  72. Women betray/hurt me. (Which women have betrayed or hurt you?)
  73. You can’t make a living being creative.